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среда, 10 июня 2009 г.

Gracie Magazine

Hi guys. I have subscribed to the Gracie Magazine (Gracie Mag). I am based on Moscow, Russia and got my first 2 issues so far delivered. Absolutely great magazine, I really enjoy it and I recommend it to any one learning jiu jitsu.

This magazine is the authority in the jiu jitsu world. Every issue is great and you really get to know what is happening in the bjj world. You learn about the stars of today and about the legends on the past. It really keeps me going in my training and the contributors are black belts and legends themselves like Kid Peligro. You really get a taste of jiu jitsu and I love it!

I would say the material is less instructional but rather consists more of what is going in the jiu jitsu world today. You have normally some techniques sections but what you really get out of the issue is new academies, bjj artists, competitors, what they say about different topics. I loved the magazine's analysis and opinion polls on who were the greatest players in the 80s and 90s, still available on the Internet. The quality of the material is remarkable. You just dont get it anywhere else.

The magazine was founded in 1996 by Carlos “Carlinhos” Gracie Jr. and Luis Carlos “Luca” de Moraes Atalla. It is the only monthly magazine dedicated solely to coverage of jiu jitsu. The magazine is published in both English and Portuguese.

They also have an online store. I have purchased, admittedly not from them, the 2008 BJJ World Championships Finals video. Definitely getting the 2009 one from them. Its just great to be a fan of the likes of Roger Gracie, Xande and Andre Galvao.

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