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четверг, 25 августа 2011 г.

Rasul Mirzaev - Black Tiger - Reality

There is so much nonesense written on the internet around this incident, it made me want to add just my humble opinion regarding the situation.

The situation here in Moscow regarding many peoples from the Caucasus coming over has caused a lot of unhappiness among the general population. Many of the Dagestan and other country representatives behave extremely rudely and a bring many of their habits they were brought up with to Russia when they come to the country in order to make a living and have a new life. It is said to see so many migrants coming over and in groups terrorizing the general population.

However in this case, I can see a very simple story. Rasul Mirzaev, a very talented and successful athlete, sambo and mma fighter happened to be at the night club called Garazh last week. He happened to get into an argument with a guy that was mistreating his girlfriend.

How would you react if a guy 30cm taller than you and 100 pounds heavier along with his friends starts saying things to your girlfriend. Probably not very well. An accident happened. Rasul Mirzaev hit the guy, and he fell hitting his head against concrete. The situation happened thousands of time and Rasul was wrong to do so. He should have left, humbly like many other great fighters would have in his shoes, but he did not. He hit the guy, and he was wrong to do so. He should pay for this, I fully agree. The treatment Agafonov (the guy who got hit) received was not adequate and for some reason, not yet fully determined the guy dies. Is Mirzaev guilty for murder? Well, he is guilty in a way but did he mean to kill the guy? No, he did not. He is however responsible and should pay for assaulting.

I think there is nothing to be proud of what Rasul Mirzaev has done. An extremely good fighter, world sambo champion and undefeated MMA fighter with an unbeaten record of five straight wins. I met the guy on several occasions and he is probably one of the most talented fighters training in Russia currently.

Rasul Mirzaev is a fighter and an athlete. He had really nothing to do at a night club where drinking and drug abuse is the regular theme. He should have contained himself like the humble athletes before him.

What infuriates me however is when there is so much talk regarding MMA and martial arts. People, who know nothing about martial arts and hardly trained in any sport a day in their life say thing like "martial artists should be regulated, banned for life for misbehaviour" and that they are a danger to society in one way or another.
It is those people that hurt the sport, hurt the country. They dont know anything about MMA and give the sport a bad name because they somehow try to link it to crime by trying to associate it with rage. It is those people, who never heard about MMA, UFC or could not even say what the rules are in MMA, they talk in the news, talk to the press, and give our sport a bad name.

It is a great shame that this has to happen. Of course a fighter has to defend himself if he is threatened. Of course it is hard to control yourself when your family is being mistreated. MMA is a sport, and we all have to remember that the guys that study MMA, brazilian jiu jitsu and boxing, are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Look at Fedor Emelianenko, Randy Couture and many others. These guys could not hurt anyone.

Yes there are exceptions. Jason Mayhem Miller was recently arrested, Rampage and others had some problems with the law, but we have to remember, movie stars have more issues with the law than MMA fighters. We would not put movie stars in cages, would we? for being dangerous? Then lets stop all the nonesense that just goes on and lets stop people who hardly know what MMA really is talking about MMA and their thoughts. If you don't like the violence in MMA, dont watch it. MMA is an adult sport that has developed over the last two decades. Many great athletes formed it and it has now all the regulation needed. Lets not make out MMA fighters as villains or criminals, its not right.

Russia is a country with many warriors, who gain medals in the olimpics, whether it is wrestling or boxing. Many of these people make mistakes just like people in other walks of life make their mistakes. Lets just be honest with ourselves and open minded with others, and lets hope the judges make the right decisions. It is a great shame Bellator lost such a fine fighter though.

воскресенье, 21 августа 2011 г.

Aikido and other stuff that does not work!

One remark that I wanted to make. I have to say that it hurts me to watch some people spend so much time with some martial arts that just don't work at all. One can argue whether some martial art is more effective vs another one. This is fine. Boxing is a great sport and a true martial art. You can learn judo, wrestling and you can even just go and lift weights all day and do lots of cardio fitness. All this will make you stronger and will help you fight.

There are some martial arts representatives however that should just admit, it doesn't work at all. Maybe a little, but mainly a waste of time.
If you want to do movies, do spend your time learning some of this aikido and Kung Fu shit. Just accept it, it does not work in real life. Don't get fooled when you teacher tells you that it only works when you are on the street. On the street you will fall down and end up in side mount and not one kunf Fu teacher will know what to do from there, let's be realistic.

It hurts because I also for some time believed in this stuff. I did aikido, but also bjj and judo. It just shows that using my judo and bjj skills, I am able to fight any aikido black belt. Aikido just does not work. It looks good and it's great for general coordination, but if you want to gain real striking or grappling skill, learn wrestling, boxing, judo, bjj, muay Thai. Don't let them fool you.

Karate can give you a good striking background I admit. I don't doubt these guys. Some are very tough guys.

Think about what you want. Don't get fooled. Talk to people, and understand what you want.

For self defense if you have only a couple of weeks you want to devote, take some courses in self defense but for a lifetime of learning, learn some true martial arts.

Stay away from fake martial arts!