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понедельник, 18 мая 2009 г.

UK Competitions This Year 2009

I've been thinking of competing in some smaller competitions this year. Just wanted to share some of these here with some information I have.

23-24 May - U.M.A. International Open Groundfighting and Grappling Championships ('No Gi') Groundfighting and ('With Gi') Grappling

14 June - North England Grappling Championships

21 June - British Open

28 June - Ground Control 5

5 July - Combat Academy Groundfighting

25 July - 3rd Brighton Open

8 August - Grapplers Showdown Gi Challenge - London Open

??? - Bristol Open Summer Leg 2009 (not confirmed yet)

13 September - U.M.A. Open 'With Gi' Groundfighting Championships

September 2009 - National BJJ Novice Tournament - Gi

14-15 November - Kent Open GI Competition

6 December - U.M.A. Open 'No Gi' Grappling Championships

Yep, so these are the ones that I am considering going to. Going to the first one on the 23-24 May this weekend and will sure let you know how it goes. This is my first competition ever:)

Generally wanted to mention that it is of course sometimes difficult to find suitable competitions. Some don't actually have websites which I think is not acceptable. Others are not really included in lists of competitions for the year because they are small and are not planned in advance. As brazilian jiu jitsu develops and becomes even more popular in the UK and hopefully in Russia, more information will be available in a more organized fashion I believe.

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  1. Also would be great to go to France next year. February 19th - 21st 2010 - Disneyland European BJJ Open Location: Paris France

  2. I have had the pleasure to go to the UMA Open Groundfighting and Grappling tournament 23-24 May. Really enjoyed it. This is a smaller event but well organized and a lot of fun!