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вторник, 24 февраля 2009 г.

Headgear for bjj and judo (ear guards)

Now, quite a natural question arises if you read my previous blog is what ear guard to use for bjj and judo.

In fact there are quite a few options available and thankfully earguards dont cost a lot. For $20-$50, you should be able to buy the one you need on the Internet. Amazon.com sells quite a few but the one I have so far enjoyed the most is from dragonbleu.fr called Cliff Keen Tornado Headgear.

In the past, I used the adidas Adistrike Earguard which was good for me as well but the Cliff Keen Tornado Headgear ear guard has those adjustable straps which make a much tighter, more secure fit that helps protect my ears far better against cauliflower.

The other thing about the Tornado ear guard is that the sides are made from soft plastic while the Adidas one has hard plastic. (at least the one I purchased, it did say for wrestling for sure)

This probably does not matter for you wearing it, but may be not so comfortable for your partner. (i had a couple of guys point this out, to the point that they said that it is not for grappling/wrestling but for another sport)

I also ordered on amazon.com an ear guard called "Ultra Soft Earguard-adult" sold by GRECCOGEAR. Still waiting for it to be delivered. Will sure to let you know what i think about it.

I have also noticed something about the
"Judo Head Mask/Professional" being sold on the Black Eagle website. There is no way that ear guard can protect you against cauliflower ear properly. Yes, it does help, but it wont help prevent entirely cauliflower ear especially if you already have it. It looks expensive at 61.22 pounds compared to other options available and it is not clear what are you getting for the extra money.

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  1. My tornado ear guard actually fell of and the chin pad ripped of. I guess I was sparring too hard, but still not good.

    Still enjoying this one however. Wearing it 5-6 times a week might have something to do with it:)

  2. Guys, the GRECOGEAR headguard I ordered on amazon.com was not good at all. First of all its nothing like soft. It is an awkward fit and made me not even want to wear it for one sessions.

    On another note, I have been wearing the Tornado ear guard for several months now. It is the nicest ear guard on the market that I have seen so far. I am thinking of buying a second one in fact.

  3. check out the website of Cliff Keen Athletic, the company that makes the Tornado headgear:


  4. I am now using this Matman wrestling ear guard and its helping a lot. Too many guys get very minor cauliflower ear and then do not do anything about it. The best way is as soon as you see that your ear is swollen, start wearing one until your ears are back to normal at least. Its not a problem really, you just have to take it to training.

    The Matman is not too tight and quite comfortable, I recommend it. Bought it on amazon.com before, but there are plenty of websites selling it.

    From my experience though, its great to have two. I would have the Matman and the Cliffkeen as a backup just in case one breaks.