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понедельник, 29 июля 2013 г.

BJJ and Your Girlfriend: Five Tips How to Get More Training In

1. Try to avoid talking BJJ/UFC/Grappling related to her and NEVER do grappling moves on her. That will make her either MAD or BORED!!

2. If you want to get some training in, you've got to make sure that your girlfriend is busy with something that she enjoys - and the important thing is that you are not needed for this. It can be anything, whether horse back riding with girlfriends, taking her parents out or travelling with them, or just very simple things like financing some girl time for her, like manicures, etc

3. If she has something special planned or is going away, that day, DONT schedule a bjj session the day before or on that morning. It will make her MAD. Instead take her out for nice dinner, buy her some Flowers!! and train when she is gone.

4. You need to make sure you work around her schedule. That means if she is working late that day - BAM!! BJJ Training Session that evening or if she is going out with some girl friends BAM!! BJJ that evening. You need to get the timing right and perfect this.

5. Training In the Morning. Yes! this works very well if you have a day job and can't be just away at the gym every evening. Do Mon-Wed-Friday training early in the morning when she is asleep (say 7am) and then Tues-Thursday you can do in the evening. Some of us have to work for a living!! but in order to get to do what we love, we have to plan our lives the smart way.

Any Comments Very Welcome and if you still get into a fight over BJJ just make up and do something nice. There is no point in fighting. All you really have to do is find some time and clean the house and cook a little. When she comes back from work tired - you surprise her!

понедельник, 8 июля 2013 г.

Roger Gracie back to Jiu Jitsu!

We have all enjoyed Roger Gracie's mma career to date and no doubt if he continues he will have some success but I would like to dedicate this post to ask Roger to return back to BJJ!!

Roger Gracie has had an incredible career on the BJJ circuit but every fan in the world and every grappler that I talk to would like to see him return. We all want the best BJJ fighter in the world compete! Metamoris was awesome but we gotta get Roger BACK!!

Please comment on this post if you would like to see Roger Gracie BACK!! 

- Xande vs Roger Gracie?

- will Rodolfo Viera be able to pass Roger Gracie's guard?

- how would Marcus 'Buchecha' Almeida do against Roger?

- Andre Galvao vs Roger Gracie No-GI Superfight at ADCC?

It is only us, the fans, can convince Roger so please guys comments welcome and share this post on facebook!!

Changing of the Guard

Jiu jitsu is constantly evolving. The new generation of bjj superstars that included the "holy trinity" Roger Gracie, Marcelo Garcia and Ronaldo Jacare, have now moved on to new things, either MMA or bring up new competitors onto the scene. Few others have been as dominant as these three during the first decade of the twenty first centuary but now it is time to see new legends emerge.

The biggest three that have now emerged in my view are Rafael Mendes, Rodolfo Viera and the ever improving Marcus Almeida "Buchecha" who looks like the new king of BJJ GI competition. The latter two are the two dominant monsters at absolute with few, save Braulio, who can stop their dangerous attacking game.

For many fans it would be a dream to see Roger back in the game meeting the young lions with the GI and of course it would also be interesting to see Roger back in ADCC as well. 

I believe there are a couple of tournaments that are drawing more and more attention and the biggest is the Abu Dhabi Pro Worlds. With cash prizes awarded to the elite competitors and great media coverage it is exciting to see the sport taking the next leap. 

It is now interesting to see the new breed of bjj fighters rising up. Keenan Cornelius and Mendes brothers are bringing a new style to bjj and it is interesting to see them compete against the old school fighters and what will come of it. 

Marcelo Garcia, Saulo, Roger Gracie, Lovato, Renzo and many others are bringing in their students to compete and it is exciting to see how they do against the mature crowd. It is amazing how the sport continues to evolve and many new guys are able to impress.