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четверг, 19 января 2012 г.

BJJ Expensive In Russia?

Yes Guys, just another post about BJJ in Russia. This time, about prices.

Of course the BJJ as a sport is not really a commercial activity and you want the teachers to also make a living, teach privates, teach ordinary classes. Moscow is an expensive city if you want to hang out, go to nice restaurants and live nice.

Unfortunately in my view since BJJ is not yet mainstream and due to the lack of good quality and experienced teachers, the guys that do know their staff, they try to make money any way they can.

There are probably 3-4 good quality instructors in Moscow that can teach BJJ, I mean brown belt - black belt level and I think its a shame that some of them rather teach privates than give mass classes at a reasonable price.

I just think if you are paying 100 Euros per month for regular class, that should be enough. Of course if there was a gym in the city center, with good teaching, great facilties, what have you thats one thing. But when they charge you $30+ for one group class when the gym is located in the middle of nowhere, Christ, I dont care. Ridiculous. No wonder no one goes there.

The best guys out there, who want to teach and develop the sport really need to teach the masses and not just guys that can afford private lessons.

The BJJ student is the client. He has the right to choose whether to go to one school or another. If the price is high, the quality of facilities and instruction should be comparable.

Why do BJJ Schools dont post the price on the website?

Why do BJJ Teachers dont treat their students as clients and treat them in this way?

Why do BJJ Teachers feel some times that they are doing their students a favor by showing up to train them?

Why do sometimes schools feel no obligation to tell their students what is happening to the academy, why it is moving to another location and changing the schedule?

Why do they increase the price even though the quality of the service/product sometimes gets worse?

Some of the questions, I am sure many of us have others

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  1. Hello John, I was away from the bjj scene for more than a year, but always thinking of getting back into it. But with kids, work and everything else it is hard to find time, not to mention Moscow's traffic. I used to train at Lion, did Leonid increase his prices? I also wish they would do morning sessions. I hear they are now also training at fight baza - check them out there http://fightbaza.ru/. Let me know if you been there already, as I was planning to check them out myself sometime.

    1. They are doing morning sessions now.

      But I am not sure who of the working people can train from 8:30 - 10:00. Its just for guys who dont work really.

      The big problem with the fight baza club is location, it sucks. You cant get there by car most of the time and its less than ideal to go from the Metro in my opinion.

      If they started training at 8pm and not 8:30pm then I would still go, but I wouldnt say its really worth the money unlike in Krilatskoe where it really was great.

  2. yes, I came over to fight baza since they closed the ossennya academy to adults.

    fight baza I did not like, they basically charged 1000 RUR for 1 group class grappling lesson, which i think was a bit much and I hear the monthly session costs 6000 RUR, but not 100% sure.

    the fight baza location is aweful, you cant get there by car and its located in a warehouse. the facilities themselves, changing rooms, showers everything is there but its more like a small fitness gym rather than a bjj academy. not much room really for everything.

    the alliance academy on Lusinovskaya street is a much better offer in my view, better location, and they have a bjj black belt from brazil teaching which is a big plus. yes they dont have such good changing rooms etc but the price is a bit more reasonable, so enjoying it really although its a real shame to train in a new place

  3. your blog is really useful for me.
    I will be in Mosocw on April this year and I'm looking for BJJ academy.
    Therefore I find sportculb lion from your blog.
    However, I don't have any information of price from lion's website.
    Leo, could you recommand BJJ academy in moscow?
    As you know, I can not get these information from website.
    Anyway, I always get good information from your blog.

  4. at the moment the price at Sport Club Lion for one month of group classes is 5000 RUR. Hope this helps