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среда, 25 февраля 2009 г.

Injuries in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo

Ok, here we go, injuries I have received in order of painfulness from training in BJJ and Judo.

1. Broken nose - I even quite judo for a while because of this one. After all looks are important.

2. Head concussion - training with people that can't do safe judo throws and one purpose carry them out dangerously really annoy me. My injury was from a drop seonage. The guy did it wrong and I ended up falling on my head rather then breakfalling on my side. (hurt like hell!)

3. Cauliflower ear - nasty problem that I wear an earguard for every training session. Make sure you do to!

4. Knee bruises - thats not too bad but ever since I started wearing knee pads, walking on your knees exercise got a lot nicer. Also when I accidently fall on one knee during judo randori, I don't have to walk home with a dark bruise on the knee after training.

5. Chipped teeth - I sometimes train using a mouthguard. I find it a little embarrassing even as nobody wears it apart from me in the club.

6. Mat burns - happens all the time. Not fun, but not a real problem. Girls dont like them.

7. Swollen and bruised fingers and finger joints - painful but I dont know of any way to avoid these (apart from not training, but that is not an option! :) )

8. Accidental (or semi-accidental) groin strike - happened, but very rare. Thankfully there are few people you can train with to get this one.

9. Hyper extended ankle from straight ankle lock - dont try to resist leglocks, they are PAINFULL!

10. Black eye - got this one from kneeing myself during stand-up grappling work. Not great when you turn up to work the next day. (the other thing is you will get tired from being asked - "so did you get in a fight with somebody man?")

Bonus injury (I have one more which did not fit in my ten injuries!) - injured big toe from having it stuck in between training mats. Nasty one especially because it takes ages for it to heal up. I am really careful not to get it hurt again.

Sounds like a ton of injuries. My personal opinion is that standup randori leads to far more injuries. You are far more likely to get injured sparring from standup then doing some light sparring with friends on the ground. There are fewer things that can happen.

I have also missed two big ones. One is more serious: ribs can be injured or you can even break the. That one must stop people from training for a really long time or really hard sparring. Never had any experience here and frankly find it hard to believe how you can do this.

The other big one is shoulder injury. Right now both of my shoulders are in pain after each training session. Its not something that will stop you from training but it does cause discomfort so it is worth while to take care and warm-up properly. Those omoplata's do cause this so take care!

Please see related link on my shoulder injury here

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