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четверг, 18 июня 2009 г.

shoulder jury

Its been two weeks, two full weeks of not doing any training really. Ok, I did one session a week ago which just made things so much worse.
I was at a competition almost three weeks ago where I really hurt my right shoulder bad enough that I could not even lift my arm up. Both of my shoulders felt pretty bad in the past two or three months but after that time I really went and saw a doctor.

The doctors really disappoint me. Many of them contradict each other all the time. I had an x-ray and ultra sound tests done and basically each of the two doctors interpreted the same results differently. I could hardly believe it. One said "you can't train" and the other was like go ahead nothing serious. Basically they don't really know themselves but obviously the shoulders need to heal.

I am thinking of doing some yoga. Swimming is probably out as is rock climbing. Just seems like the only sports activity really left.

As far as treatment is concerned, I got this shoulder injury cream that I apply several times a day and I go to physiotherapy. Not sure if any of this works of course but you gotta try. Probably I might invest some more money and see a sports injury doctor.

I also have these shoulder supports. Wear them during the day but again it is so difficult to see whether they actually help. I heard it is worthwhile wearing one in training as well.

The other thing I also learnt is that you can also help prevent shoulder injury with special creams. I got this one called Bengay cream (here is the website: www.bengay.com) I apply it before training and basically it warms up the muscles helping to reduce the risk of further injury.

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  1. I am sad to say that it has been two weeks now. Two very long weeks without any training at all.

    The shoulders seem to be better but I can feel the injury is still there. The problem are the injured shoulder ligaments which are not allowed to heal they say.

    I am getting an MRI done next week which they say will give a better picture of the shoulder (and I guess the ligaments). Very frustrating indeed!!

  2. After getting the MRI results, looks like so much is ahead of me on the shoulder injury front.

    So far completed the entire physiotherapy and also prescribed and taken Meloxicam, this anti-inflammatory drug. (which is not very good for the stomach I understand)

    Now the doctors are proposing injections of Betamethasone which is a steroid drug into the shoulder. Not doing this for the moment as I decided to get another doctor's opinion.

    Generally not looking good, basically very little improvement. The swollen muscle I understand makes contact with the bone which causes pain, so until the swelling stops, pain will continue.

  3. Ok, got the Betamethasone injections done on both shoulders on Thursday last week. Another set this week.

    The doctors say that by the week after this Thursday the shoulders should be much better. Just have to wait and see but at the moment, they are hurting, not a nice feeling.

    The doctor said that if these injections don't help, then the only option is to do surgery which they do by penetrating shoulder skin and releasing some kind of tension in the muscle.

    What can I say? I hate shoulder injuries.