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пятница, 27 февраля 2009 г.

Taking care of the gear

One question that did not immediately arise for me is how to properly take care of your gear. I did not really think about it when I had a cheap judogi which was wripped in all sorts of places with holes in the chest and ripped under the armpits.

Lately I have been taking my judo/bjj much more seriously and have added some decent gear to my list of kit.

My kit list:

1. 2 Mizuno Gis. One I have just go delivered an Ichiban, and the other is a hard and very nice Mizuno Gi the model of which I am uncertain.

2. Dax Mosquito Gi, a heavy and rough gi, very tough material.

Both were very expensive setting me back $150+ except the Ichiban Mizuno which I got from www.judogis.co.uk for 95 pounds. (havent tried this one yet)

3. Knee and shin pads - I actually bought two sets of each on the Internet by mistake.

4. Earguards

5. Venum Rashguard


How to clean your GI

I take Mizuno Gi Care Instructions here:

Caring for your Gi will ensure its longetivity and your hygeine.

  • do not use chlorine bleaches when washing
  • use a small amount of mild laundry detergents along with an non evasive anti-bacterial additive
  • wash the gi separately
  • never leave your gi in your bag after the training session
  • Use lukewarm water of no more than 30 degree C
  • Do not use drying machines, let it hang and dry itself

How to clean your Rashguard

Wash rash guards inside-out in cold water, delicate cycles with no bleach additives. This will ensure that the fabric does not fray or tear.
To dry, you can tumble dry using the air setting on your dryer. Using any heat is not recommended.


Here it is probably optimal to hand-wash them with soap to maintain some level of hygeine.

They are normally very robust, so washing them regularly won't do any harm.


Throwing these from time to time in the washing machine does the trick. They should dry on their own.

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  1. Hi,

    Are you living in Moscow? Where are you from? I am an English guy (39) who would like to start training BJJ and may be Judo/Sambo. Give me a mail if you would like: suominick@hotmail.com


  2. Glad to help! thank you for reading my blog. More info to come and look forward to more comments