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суббота, 25 сентября 2010 г.

Roger Gracie Sweep from Half Guard

I first noticed this move that Roger does from half guard on the bottom watching him fight in the Worlds and then later on Youtube. I can see that against Marcelo Garcia and later against Bruno Bastos he used this exact sweep with great success. I guess it is just a matter of practice and perfecting your sweeps in the half guard. Having a couple of half guard sweeps that you know really well I think can mean the difference between winning and losing and what makes this sweep so good is that you don't recover guard like some of the other techniques you may have in the arsenal with this sweep but basically get side control on top which is a great place to be considering your opponent was about to pass your guard.

Very nice Oli. Thank you very much for the video!

UFC 119 - Review

Awesome card. Excellent fighters.

Evan Dunham vs Sean Sherk = amazing fight!! Not sure about the decision but well done to both guys. Sean Sherk certainly has a great submission defense but Evan Dunham is a dangerous guy.

The Dolloway win was pretty cool I have to mention. Marcelo Garcia style guillotine choke looked outstanding. Clearly he is a promising fighter for the UFC.

Now Nogueira vs Ryan Bader upset me a bit. Nogueira technically I think won that fight. He landed more strikes and he was much more technical. I think he lost on only takedowns but many of them pretty much apart from the first one were not damaging in any way so I think the decision should have gone to Little Nog. Jon Jones would be an interesting matchup for Bader though. Would love to see this fight next.

The main event had Frank Mir scoring a KO with a knee to the head of Mirko. Mirko I think should give up on fighting now. There is nothing he has to offer any more. The fight looked like a sparring session really and although the win was decisive and Mirko still has a huge fan base I don't really see why he should continue with his career. He just doesn't seem to have the tools no more to compete at the highest level against guys like Frank Mir. He fought a smart fight but where he should be dominating is on the feet and it seems he does not have to offer the striking that he once devastated opponents with.

BJJ Grading and more news at Lion Sports Club

Last month, the club held the first ever grading of BJJ practitioners in Russia by a Russian instructor. Leonid Gatovskiy (Gracie Barra Brown Belt) has for the first time awarded blue belts to four very dedicated students that were not able to go to Poland for the summer BJJ camp held there where the team was graded. A big congratulations to all the guys.

On more news from the club, the schedule has been changed to include many more additional classes in brazilian jiu jitsu as well as for the first time including separate classes for students who wish to practice grappling. For sure this will attract many more students to the club and I think it is only a matter of time before the club sets up an affiliate elsewhere in Moscow.

The club will also likely be holding a seminar later this year most likely with the possible visit of Draculino but this has not been confirmed yet. Vinicius Magalhães is one of the biggest names in BJJ and is a true legend of the sport. This will be a great honour for him to come to Russia to the only Gracie Barra school there so far.

Competition wise it will be exciting to see more competitions from the club to give the students a chance to test their skills in both gi and no-gi competitions against some of the best bjj, sambo, judo and submission grappling clubs in the country and from abroad. Hope to see this soon as well.

среда, 22 сентября 2010 г.

Jiu Jitsu - Don't Stop Training If You Can

The one thing you need to do to get better I think is to be unstoppable and I don't mean unstoppable on the mats, no. You need to be unstoppable in you jiu jitsu attendance.

Jiu Jitsu is not about who is faster, stronger or any of that. It is really about how regularly you train, how attentive you are in class and how dedicated your our to your progress. Training is the only thing you need to do and in order to progress you just need to do the hours.

There is always something that is going to bother you whether it is your knee, shoulder, neck or something else. You just need to continue training and improving and one day you will get a little better.

I think of it in terms of 100 hours actually. Every one hundred hours you get a little better. You should of course try to take something away every class but every one hundred hours you should really see a little improvement, like a technique that you did not use much now becomes more usable or effective or you learn some new transition which you know like to incorporate in your game.

The first 100 hours you will see a lot of improvement and while the next 100 the improvement is not as dramatic, it is still there. You get tigher and crisper in certain positions and you learn new techniques. The other guys you are training with are also getting better and so it is difficult to see progress sometimes but it is there. Often you won't even know what level you are until you try to sparr with someone like a fresh blue belt only to find out that you as a white have the skill level to match him.

Explore the world of jiu jitsu and just try to make as much as you can out of every lesson. Try visiting a different academy for perspective, when you go on vacation take a private lesson and you just might begin to see things differently and this is the key to improvement.