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пятница, 18 февраля 2011 г.

Fedor Emelianenko - Advertising Guy For BJJ in Russia

Fedor's last fight yet again highlighted the champion's weaknesses on the ground. While many have claimed Fedor has outstanding ground game, it is clear that his skills to reach certain positions and defend against guard passers is weak.

I have first noticed this when I saw Ricardo Arona fight him. He was always great inside the guard, punching his way and through any opponent, but on his back, his only weapon's clearly were submissions rather than positional play. Yes he can through amazing armbars from his back, but when you are up against a high level bjj black belt, this just doesn't work. Fedor's guard got passed and then he got mounted by Silva, something Nogueira struggled to do but Arona showed early own.

Now every Russian is looking at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu differently. They see that you really need a complete ground game something that Judo and Sambo don't offer even on the highest level.