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вторник, 10 февраля 2009 г.

Yesterday's bjj lesson

Yesterday worked on some throws in the last BJJ class. Koshi Guruma, Ippon Seonage and the hip throw. Got really annoyed. Was practicing with a guy about same size as me. Probably 180-182cm tall and 75-85kg. Seemed like a striker-type but also a strong judoka.

Spent the first half hour on cardio warm-up. Then started doing exercises for strengthening the neck. It is the one where you use your hands to push against the head of your partner. But this guy was really aggressive. I was ok with that for a while but then we started doing throws.

What really annoyed me was not how hard he actually threw. yes, ok, it was explosive and he did fall on me quite hard. But it was ok, he is not heavy enough and did not really do any damage. What was really annoying was he was doing each of the throws over the head. kind of falling forward and right over the head which is dangerous because i can end up on my neck. Even the teacher said it was dangerous, and later I read on the Internet that in sambo you are specifically not allowed to do this. I dont know about judo (should ask my teacher next lesson!)

Does anybody know? What do you do if the guy is carrying out the throw in a dangerous way?

My BJJ teacher basically said that nothing really can be done. All he said that I should not resist and make sure I press my head forward. I dont understand how exactly is that going to help me? Interested if anybody has any ideas about this.

Also a while back. Maybe half a year ago, my partner unintentionally dropped me directly on my head doing (INCORRECTLY!) drop ippon seonage. What can be done to make sure you dont hurt yourself?

I mean I know you breakfall, but that is not enough. I see a lot of people getting hurt in the sport and actually had an accident where I fell on my face. Probably broken my nose as a result. Lots of blood. Gave up training for a while at the time. You can hurt your wrist or break something, so it is better to just try to breakfall.

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