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среда, 28 января 2009 г.

Fedor vs Arlovski

The fight that made the Affliction card great. The greatest MMA fighter of all time was able to knockout a great striker and made me watch the replay again and again. In fact it is extremely difficult to see how he managed that "Superman punch" that he did. Luckily, on the internet I found available a replay (which seems no longer available) which provides the shot made by Fedor at different angles. Indeed this was a good punch by a great fighter.

The one thing that has me worried is about Fedor's dedication to his training for this fight. I watched the video again and again and I would side with Fedor that indeed he was not really hurt there at all. I also think that Arlovski's dominance initially is a bit exageratted. I would still agree that Arlovski looked well (and maybe a little better than Fedor) prior to the flying knee.

I am concerned about Fedor's training for one because he did not look like the confident striker I saw in him when he faced Cro Cop. The other reason which I think also raises my concern considerably is of course Voronovs statement - the fact that his own coach admits that Fedor has not been training enough for the fight. Fedor trained in between his films in Thailand up until only a month before the fight. Fedor is now way too much involved in movies, advertising etc and he really needs to manage his time effectively if he wants to come to the ring adequately prepared, especially with monsters such as AA, Barnett and others.

From what I have read about him, he is a workaholic and I hope nothing will change this in the future because with his potential, he can achieve perhaps more than anyone will ever achieve in the sport.

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