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среда, 25 марта 2009 г.

Review of Jiu Jitsu Bresilien Collection by Ze Marcello

Ze Marcello is the Head UK Brazilian Top Team (BTT) Instructor, a BJJ black belt under Sergio ''Bolao'' Souza. Having retired from competing professionally in 2002, Ze has since dedicated his time to teaching Jiu Jitsu

His list of achievements include:

1st place - Mundials world championship 97

1st place - Brazilian team tournament 96 and 97

1st place - Pan American champion 97

1st place - Rio De Janiero 96 and 97

1st place - Urban Gorillaz UK 06

2nd place - Mundials world championship 98 and 02

2nd place - Pan American champion 96

3rd place - Mundials world championship 96 and 99

3rd place - Pan American champion 98 and 00

3rd place - Brazilian team tournament 95

My opinion is as follows. The DVD set is great if you would like to see a good set of techniques in 3 main categories i.e. beginner, intermediate and advanced. The demonstrations are rather good but what is lacking is the explanations of the techniques. The DVD demonstrates superb technique visually but without any instruction on how to perform the moves correctly. Its more of a demonstration of jiu jitsu rather than an instructional DVD.

Nevertheless I think it still gives one a good set of interesting moves to then go and try out during sparring or practice. The first 2 DVDs contain roughly 35 techniques each while the 3rd only I think 21. The advanced series I found more interesting as it showed some new lapel chokes from cross-body position which I was not aware of and certainly would like to practice. The techniques shown are also unstructured and you don't really see the logic why they have decided to select these moves as sometimes I have seen is done in other instructional DVDs. (I will perhaps review at another time but in Saulo Ribeiro's Revolution box set for example you really learn a set of specific techniques very well as Saulo gives a very technical explanation of the details involved and that is something that Jiu Jitsu Bresilien lacks in my opinion)

Its also a shame that Ze Marcello does not talk a little about his jiu jitsu experience and give some advice.

Probably I would give this DVD a 7 out of 10 but if you are a beginner and would like to learn a few good submission and sweeps very well, then probably you should look elsewhere.

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