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среда, 17 июня 2009 г.

facebook on jiu jitsu

A quick note on facebook. First, for those that do not use facebook (facebook.com), this is a great tool to stay in touch with fellow jiu jitsu practitioners.

I actually went to a jiu jitsu competition a month ago and realized it then how useful facebook actually is. Firstly, in facebook you have "events", where you can join and see what people are saying about the competition you are attending. Normally the organizers of the tournament will create an event like this anyway.

The other thing is of course when you actually go to the competition itself, talk to other guys and then connect with them afterwards. I myself did not have a camera nor anyone to film me, but many guys do. I go tons of photos and videos of the tournament this way and a few photos of myself included. Facebook is really cool with sharing photos and videos and the more guys you connect to the better. In fact, once you have connected enough jiu jitsu people, soon facebook will recommend you attend new tournaments where your friends are participating. Social networks are excellent at this.

The other thing is of course you can link to groups related to jiu jitsu/judo and become a fan of Gracies and other famous guys. Your club may have a facebook group where many photos from competitions are posted and it is always worthwhile being there just to check from time to time.

If you are an MMA fan, I recommend you become a fan of Inside MMA. The free video interviews you get from these guys are great. (and I think Bas Rutten is such a character:), check the youtube highlight below! )

Lastly, it is all about learning new things. You can ask people their views, post comments and just find out things you didn't know.

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