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вторник, 16 июня 2009 г.

Marcelo Garcia

I wanted to dedicate this small post to one of the current legends in jiu jitsu, Marcelo Garcia.

Marcelo 'Marcelinho' Garcia is one of the very top jiu jitsu players, competitors and submission grapplers in the world today. Not only this, he is also considered one of the top pound for pound competitors. He has just recently won the Worlds Middleweight Gold but has done well against even the biggest fighters.

Marcelo is nicknamed "The Human Backpack" for his trademark rear naked choke submission from backmount. A black belt under Fabio Gurgel of Alliance, he is one of the most technical fighters today.

Apart from the medalling numerous times in ADCC and BJJ Worlds, just look at his record. Marcelo has defeated stars far heavier than him including Ricco Rodriguez (by tap out), Xande Ribeiro (by rear naked choke), Andre Galvao (several times, including by choke) among many others. (these guys I just know)

Marcelo is known also as an amazing teacher of jiu jitsu and I will certainly look to purchase his instructionals soon and will review them here.

Although so far his success has not translated into the MMA world, Marcelo is certainly one of the greats of today and his name should be known to all.

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