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среда, 24 июня 2009 г.

Jiu Jitsu - the modern martial art

Jiu Jitsu has many attractions when you consider which martial art to learn. Martial arts are known to take years to learn and decades to perfect. It is worth studying what you enjoy and jiu jitsu has been a very attractive martial art and sport that has been growing rapidly around the world in the last two decades.


First of all, it is proven to be effective. You see it being applied all the time in mixed martial arts tournaments today. A skilled jiu jitsu practitioner has an enormous advantage over an unskilled grappler as has been demonstrated on numerous occasions by many jiu jitsu fighters including Royce Gracie in UFC.

The art allows a weaker fighter to defeat a stronger and heavier opponent. One well-known and very effective submission that demonstrates this from jiu jitsu is the famous triangle choke which can be applied from the guard position when a stronger and heavier fighter attempts to pin down or simply attack the brazilian jiu jitsu player on his back. This actually makes the art very attractive to women looking for a self-defense system that can be used in real life.

One of the reasons why jiu jitsu is so effective is due to sparring that is normally practiced in order to make sure techniques can be applied when the opponent resists. A jiu jitsu player normally masters a technique when he can effectively apply it against his opponents who exert full resistance and attack with their own techniques. This is different to many other martial arts like aikido for example where many of the techniques can only be applied when both partners cooperate.

Although jiu jitsu academies rarely focus a lot of time of self-defense-only techniques, they are available and can also be used in street situations. Many of these techniques are from standing are used in combination with strikes.


Brazilian jiu jitsu (and also Judo) are great martial arts to get fit. Both ground and stand-up grappling involve a lot of cardio exercise while sparring and warm-up exercises improve endurance, upper body strength and also flexibility. By regularly attending training, you are bound to improve your overall fitness level.

Many of the exercises available strengthen specific body muscles used in a grappling match. Normally such exercises strengthen grip strength, neck, arms, stomach, back and legs.

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