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пятница, 26 июня 2009 г.

Ginastica Natural For Fighters DVD

Got this DVD a month ago from Budovideos. I heard Ginastica Natural is very beneficial and is practiced by many high level jiu jitsu competitors together with yoga in order to improve ground mobility and flexibility. Saulo and Alexandre Ribeiro practice this system as well as Andre Galvao and many others. You can see the Ribeiro brothers training and using Ginastica exercises on the "The Road to a Championship" DVD.

The DVD includes a demonstration of two dozen techniques plus demonstrations of some exercises to improve strength and flexibility. Alvaro Roman, the creator of Ginastica demonstrates every technique himself and I have actually practiced every technique while actually watching the DVD.

There is also a section "Ginastica for the Outdoors". Wow, this was a cool demonstration of what exercises you can do outdoors.

Generally I think this is very useful and really is focused for jiu jitsu. Romano is a very experienced jiu jitsu black belt and shows his immense flexibility and explosive strength in this DVD. I really enjoyed it and I think it raises more awareness of the importance of physical conditioning.

The only thing I think is the price is a little excessive. A DVD worth $50-$60 should include I think more materials and you can buy jiu jitsu DVD set for this money.  

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