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понедельник, 13 июля 2009 г.

Lesnar wins UFC Heavyweight Championship Belt

Watched UFC 100 this weekend. Great card and I really enjoyed every fight. Dan Henderson was particularly impressive with his stand-up while GSP was just great all-round. (definitely should fight Anderson Silva)

now turning to Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir:

The Brock Lesnar win was a huge disappointment for me. Frank Mir was simply man-handled the whole fight except for a few good punches he landed on Lesnar in round 1 before getting taken down again. Brock dominated (and well done to him) and Frank got himself into a position where he did not want to be. Lesnar got him in his favourite half-guard and carefully started pounding on him as was expected. Frank got himself in that position and could not get out. This was basically expected and it came to me as a surprise that Mir was not better prepared.

Mir trained and trained for this fight, and I don't know what it is. I think probably Mir lacks the explosiveness and the speed to turn the fight the way he wants. Couture on the other hand did not experience the same problem. Couture got caught by a punch. Having seen this fight I think Frank Mir really needs to work on controlling the fight, on his wrestling. If he can't sweep Lesnar or escape the half guard when Brock is on top, then he should aim not to be in the position at all.

In my opinion Brock Lesnar did not do anything in that fight that he could not have done in the first MMA fight he had. He did not display anything but control and wrestling which he had in the beginning. The more I see Lesnar fight, the more I see that he is beatable. If one can block his takedowns and keep the fight standing, this could be one opportunity to win. The other is to take him down instead and put him on his back.

It would be great to see from Lesnar some other skills that they say he has. His jiu jitsu, his leg strikes. I would love to see Cro Cop vs Brock Lesnar. Cro Cop is extremely athletic and is quite good at wrestling actually. This would be a great fight although of course the Fedor vs Lesnar fight would be incredible!

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