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воскресенье, 26 июля 2009 г.

Saulo Ribeiro, Ricardo Arona and Rafael Lovato in ADCC 2009

Ok guys, this announcement has been out for a few days now but is still some very exciting news.

This year we are going to see Saulo Ribeiro the 6x BJJ World Champion and 2x ADCC Champion fight in the 99kg+ category which far above his natural weight division. in '99 he fought in the division narrowly losing to Jeff Monson in a very close match. This time will be his next fight competing with the giants.

Ricardo Arona was already widely expected to compete, so this was the final official announcement. The guy has never been defeated in ADCC and only fighter to have achieved this while managing to win both the 92kg and the open weight.

Rafael Lovato is also an impressive fighter coming in strong from success at the Mundials.

I expect to see great matches when I come over in September.

Keep reading, more to come!

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