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вторник, 28 июля 2009 г.

Dana White rumored to announce signing Fedor for the UFC this Friday

LA Times has just announced that according to an undisclosed source Fedor Emelianenko and his camp are close in term of their negotiations to join the UFC. In the past, a lot was said by various articles that it would be unlikely that this deal would be reached.

Now it seems something that perhaps should have happened two years ago is close to becoming reality. A win over Brock Lesnar would make Fedor not only the undisputed UFC and MMA Champion, but also would solidify any doubt in any one's mind about him. I think after that he can just sit back and even retire.

Sure a few years down the road there will be a new fighter that will come along and challenge him. Lets not get our hopes up so soon and wait for the official announcement. My wish is that Dana White does not screw it up and Vadim Finkelstein focuses on what is good for Fedor (fighting Brock) and not what is good for M1 Global.

M1-Global is due to have a press-conference today (13:00 29 July in LA) with Fedor Emelianenko participating. The M1 Global website informs us that the press conference is to announce news on M1 activities and on the developments related to the collapse of Affliction Trilogy, and Affliction as a promotion. I suspect though that they won't announce something before Friday though.

This is the fight that makes sense for everyone. I just hope they include Fedor's character as download for the UFC 2009 Game once they sign. That would be great for the fans! Keep your fingers crossed.

2 комментария:

  1. Анонимный30 июня 2010 г., 0:01

    Great shame M1 and Fedor did not take their chance but maybe money-wise M1 could have made more from having Fedor fight in Strikeforce.

    Now that he has lost though, most likely he will retire since even in Strikeforce the competition is still pretty good.

  2. Анонимный30 июня 2010 г., 0:03

    Shame this sigining never happened. Now that Fedor lost to Werdum, probably Fedor will retire soon especially if he manages to lose again.

    M1 has probably made more money from Strikeforce anyway though. Fedor lost the most in the situation