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воскресенье, 16 января 2011 г.

Fedor vs Silva

Fedor Emelianenko is certainly an intriguing fighter to follow. Once
considered the greatest pound for pound fighter in the world,
following to the shocking loss to Fabricio Werdum, he is now looking
to return to the octagon and fight some of the best fighters out hhere
at heavyweight.

Antonio Silva in my opinion presents an interesting challenge for
Fedor. On the one hand Fedor has the chance to prove the world that he
still has what it takes to compete with the new generation of
fighters. On the other hand this fight is important for Fedor as a
second loss would really put him off his career track and out of the
Grand Prix.

Fedor in my opinion has all the skill necessary to win this fight. He
is just far more talented than Antonio Silva but technically on the
ground I still think Silva is technically more proficient. It would be
interesting to see Fedor on his back in this fight.

It looks to me that Fedor has learnt almost nothing if anything from
the loss to Werdum. While I see Anderson Silva training with Ronaldo
Jacare and GSP learning from Roger Gracie and Braulio Estima, Mr.
Emelianenko and his coaches clearly think they know it all when it
comes to he ground game. We shall have to see.

I saw a video of Barnett kind of defending Fedor a little, but really
what I think is that I have never seen Sambo fighters pass the guard
well for years. While he can punch from the guard for sure, passing is
clearly not his strongest area, and while he did escape all of those
submission attempts of Nogueira, Rodrigo was never at the level of say
Werdum or Arona on the ground. Arona by the way also had Fedor in some
serious trouble. Had Arona been allowed to punch Fedor from the mount,
I am not certain Fedor would have been able to win there.

This is going to be an exciting fight. I would love to see Fedor in
the second round of course, so let's hope he can indeed get passed
Silva. His conditioning needs to improve, he needs to find sparring
partners, and a new manager if you ask me. Good luck to him.

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