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понедельник, 16 августа 2010 г.

New Shoulder Injury

Two weeks ago was training some BJJ moves. Sweeps from standing omoplata and knee bar from standing omoplata. Short training session actually, about an hour long due to severe weather conditions, namely smoke, over here in Moscow.

Came back after training with pain in my right shoulder which I had surgery on the year before. Hasn't recovered since. Still experiencing mild pain and really I've done almost everything I can. Giving the shoulder a lot of rest but for the moment very little progress.

Going to London this weekend and planning to see this doctor: http://www.londonorthopaedic.com/who-we-are/brian-cohen who will hopefully will be able to help me.

Just hope no surgery is required for this. I've only just a few months ago have got back in to training and now this. Extremely disappointing for me as I was planning to compete in the Grab and Pull tournament in Brighton this weekend as well.

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  1. Shoulder pain is a real motivation killer in BJJ in my opinion. Just a shame that there is so little to do and when you love sparring as much as I do, its just sad to have to sit on the sidelines and watch.