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понедельник, 3 августа 2009 г.

Leo Vieira: great jiu jitsu from one of the sport's greats

Leo Vieira is a great champion. Gracie Mag put him among the best in the 90s but after 2000 he really became well-known. Having started Jiu Jitsu under

Romero "Jacaré" ­Cavalcanti, Leo has seen unprecedented success both in gi and no-gi bjj and submission tournaments.

The guy has been around and is still in his prime. Back in 2000 he imitated a monkey while fighting with Mark Kerr in the ADCC. Now he is a multiple bjj and ADCC champion known for his slick skills.

Take a look at these videos below I found of him on Youtube, I hope you will enjoy. Leo will be competing in ADCC 2009, so hope to see him in top form, live against the best in the world.

I've never actually heard much about this guy until recently when I noticed he is fighting in ADCC this year, but the video above I really enjoyed. He is really great and in this fight shows dynamic jiu jitsu which is really exciting to watch. (although clearly his opponent is no match for him)

What really amazes me though is how quick he is. He takes the judo guy down and completely dominates. I think his jiu jitsu is an impressive demonstration of how powerful bjj techniques are.

Some of Leo's video's are really nice to watch. Take a look at the one below where he spars with a bunch of jiu jitsu fighters from Japan of various levels. Its just effortless jiu jitsu that every fighter aims to achieve.

It looks like he could fight for hours like this and win every time.

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