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воскресенье, 2 августа 2009 г.

ADCC 2009 Tickets Now Available On TicketMaster

Tickets can now be bought via Ticketmaster.com. Get them soon! Just follow this link

You can buy them:

* Online
* By Phone
* In a Ticketmaster Centre
* At the door

The best way is to buy them online and collect them an hour before the show starts on Saturday. You can buy a pass for both days for 80 Euros or 50 Eur for either day, if you can't go to both.

On how to get there and practical information around Barcelona click here. ADCC Barcelona website gives you a ton of info about the event actually and I particularly like their fighter profiles section.

The only thing I note is there seem to be some profiles missing like Leo Vieira for example. Not sure but there is actually not much information available on the Internet about him so maybe this is the reason why they havent added his profile.

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