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среда, 17 февраля 2010 г.

Brock Lesnar is Back

Brock Lesnar after falling seriously ill is back. The man has lost a ton of weight but is eager to come back to the gym and face any challenger in the UFC Heavyweight division. 

After becoming one of the fastest rising stars in the UFC over the last two years, the MMA world was shocked to learn that the UFC Heavyweight Champion has fallen seriously ill and that his career may be over. Challengers have been queing up for the Interim title almost by the dozen. You have guys like Cain Valasquez, Shane Carwin (originally scheduled to challenge Lesnar), Frank Mir and Antonio Rodrigo Minotauro. All very worth challengers who are set to battle for the interim title instead. 

After these guys go about their business, the UFC has still some strong fighters like Gabriel Gonzaga and Junior Dos Santos. JDS in particular has shown that he is up to to the task. A prodigy of Minotauro, he has stepped up and taken on Cro Cop, Fabricio Werdum and Gilbert Yvel in an impressive string of victories. He has also KOed Stefan Struve, a scary striker from Holland standing at 211cm. 

After taking surgery, Lesnar is now scheduled for return in mid-July. Carwin vs Mir will decide who the top dog will be before that and of course if there is a delay the winner will face the winner between Big Nog and Valasquez. 

So much speculation about the guys illness has erupted after the Brock Lesnar sensation taking UFC by storm and conquering the title only after 2-3 fights in the octagon. Such a path is ridiculous but as everyone knows, Lesnar is no ordinary fighter. The guy has a monster physique, incredibly talented athlete and the guy has basically brought WWE to the UFC which has never really happened before. No one has ever seen a guy as fast, strong and at the same as good a wrestler as Lesnar, and of course his fans say that he is the new breed of heavyweight and is unbeatable. 

Critics are less excited. Skill-wise, Brock is less than average with no real striking skill or any submissions. His main goal is to overpower the opponent with wrestling and strength and then deliver nasty hammer fist action on the head of his opponent. So far it has worked fine, but of course there is still a lot of competition both in the UFC and elsewhere i.e. Strikeforce where many believe works the best fighter in the world and in the history of MMA. His name is Fedor. He is not that athletic or muscular and represents something almost completely the opposite to Brock. He is calm and relies on amazing technique, combining mainly boxing and sambo to deliver an unbeaten streak of more than 30 fights. 

The two may never meet as Fedor and the UFC don't seem to be able to come to terms, but if they do some time soon, that is something to look out for. Meanwhile, the mma fans are still happy to see both giants in action who still have decent competition at both organizations. Fedor has had less competition in Strikeforce but then maybe the guy is thinking to retire and does not need to do much these days since he has proven everything already.

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