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пятница, 18 сентября 2015 г.

Aikido Effectiveness vs Sport Oriented Martial Arts Such as BJJ, Wrestling or Boxing

Guys I thought I would write this post, perhaps some will dislike it and we have to respectful to other martial arts but there comes a point when you simply just have to open people's eyes to the truth out there.

Just watched Joe Rogan's interview of Andrew Hill and having wasted almost two years of my life on aikido and several years on other traditional martial arts before that, it made me want to write this article to try to perhaps guide some young guys that wanted to learn a martial art that will work in real life and help them not only get in shape but also to help give them the skills to protect themselves or their family.

Check out the link here:

I know it is sometimes painful to admit that all those wrist locks and movements you were studying are not going to work but lets be serious catching someones hand will they are swinging at you is nearly impossible against a trained striker.

Aikido does teach some basic break falling which is useful but the lack of sparring or effective techniques just makes it an art whereby two people on the mat cooperate with each other. Yes some of these wrist locks will work on almost anybody if he lets you do them, but lets be honest, if you get a trained wrestler or judo fighter, he will dump you on your head and there is nothing in the aikido that will help you.

I know there are lots of haters out there that will tell you that all those techniques are very dangerous and while doing the takedown, the aikido guys can strike you with a deadly punch. In reality I think its worth while if you do plan to dedicate your life or a significant amount of time to aikido, why not actually take a free grappling lesson or brazilian jiu jitsu class and compare, ask questions and make the decision FOR YOUR SELF what works and what doesn't. I think the big problem is the influence on other people of a one sided story that your aikido instructor gives you.

What is obvious right from the start is that aikido does not prepare you for neither striking nor grappling. You just can't step out of the way of a guy that will relentlessly try to grab your legs and take you to the ground where you will likely have not idea what do to.

All I want to advise you guys training aikido is that I was one of you and I wish I tried some other martial arts earlier. If you don't want to strike, just try some wrestling, grappling or BJJ. It will change your world. I think BJJ personally is the better option for older guys.

The scariest thing about aikido is that it creates a false sense of ability (or invincibility). You go on the street thinking this stuff is going to work but the reality is that if your opponent has any real physical ability or real martial arts skill, the fight will likely end in a very nasty KO or submission for you. If you don't believe me or anybody else THATS Fine!! Just turn up to your closest JUDO/Wrestling/BJJ academy and just have a friendly roll with the instructor there, or even just some of the students :))

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