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понедельник, 9 апреля 2012 г.

Training In Moscow with a Great Instructor, Leonid Gatovskiy

Those of you looking to train in Moscow Russia at a great club with an awesome instructor, consider Sport Club Lion. The Head Instructor there is Leonid Gatovskiy, the first BJJ black belt in Russia under Renzo Gracie and certainly one of the most able grapplers in Russia today.

Please check out the video below:

Sport Club Lion is the number 1 Gracie Barra Academy in Russia and has some true talented fighters already on its team list. Great academy and super instructors.

Please see below an interview with Leonid Gatovskiy, my teacher.

 The BJJ Moscow Open Cup is behind us, a great event and a crowd of more than 150 competitors from all over Moscow.

I think the events just get bigger and bigger and the academies are literally full. In a couple of years I think we are going to see crowds of 300-400 people as is in the big BJJ events in the UK and it will become a big sport.

MMA is growing and bjj and grappling is an important element that many enjoy. Russian grappling and brazilian jiu jitsu has a great future ahead, lots of very good and talented guys now learning the martial art, sparring and I think the level is improving fast. We should see some strong results in the Europeans next year. Well, I might even go too!

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