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вторник, 1 ноября 2011 г.

Blue Belt

Wow, whoever got his blue belt in less than 12 months. I haven't really seen any good guys who have managed to reach a decent level in 12 months of training although it really depends on how much time you spend training.

I think 3 times a week for a year is not enough mat time though. It just takes longer to master and drill the fundamentals I think. Of course there are talented guys who have done Judo or Wrestling for years, but I think technique is very important as well.
In the end it is the instructors decision though. I have always been a fan of competitions though and if you can win there, you are on the right track.

For me it was a long road, lots of injuries and hard work, but so worth it in the end.

2 комментария:

  1. Blue belt is only the beginning. once you get there then you've got purple ahead of you. probably there hardest one to get but when you get purple you can really say you have some game that is developing and that works for you.

    there are few purple belts around because it takes real hard work. it takes a great amount of time and persistance. the trick is to try to take away as much as you can out of every class.
    try new things, learning something new, progress is the most important thing and one day you will be great

  2. Анонимный1 марта 2013 г., 2:08

    blue belt is no joke, some blue belts can be very difficult to submit and are probably already good purple belts

    like Draculino said, when he was blue belt, he would sometimes tap brown belts,

    on the competition stage I think there is an enormous difference between blue belts. some blue belts that win comps like the Euros are already at a very good level

    one thing that i have found is that as I progress through the blue belt, i stopped easily losing positions. when i take the back, its hard for my opponents to escape and i really make them work. similar for side control and mount. when i was a fresh blue belt, i used to allow my opponent to escape much easier but because i have more control, i also have more opportunities to look to either improve my position or to attempt a submission.