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суббота, 25 сентября 2010 г.

UFC 119 - Review

Awesome card. Excellent fighters.

Evan Dunham vs Sean Sherk = amazing fight!! Not sure about the decision but well done to both guys. Sean Sherk certainly has a great submission defense but Evan Dunham is a dangerous guy.

The Dolloway win was pretty cool I have to mention. Marcelo Garcia style guillotine choke looked outstanding. Clearly he is a promising fighter for the UFC.

Now Nogueira vs Ryan Bader upset me a bit. Nogueira technically I think won that fight. He landed more strikes and he was much more technical. I think he lost on only takedowns but many of them pretty much apart from the first one were not damaging in any way so I think the decision should have gone to Little Nog. Jon Jones would be an interesting matchup for Bader though. Would love to see this fight next.

The main event had Frank Mir scoring a KO with a knee to the head of Mirko. Mirko I think should give up on fighting now. There is nothing he has to offer any more. The fight looked like a sparring session really and although the win was decisive and Mirko still has a huge fan base I don't really see why he should continue with his career. He just doesn't seem to have the tools no more to compete at the highest level against guys like Frank Mir. He fought a smart fight but where he should be dominating is on the feet and it seems he does not have to offer the striking that he once devastated opponents with.

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