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суббота, 26 июня 2010 г.

Jiu Jitsu Prevails: Fedor loses to Werdum

How unbelievably arrogant were the M1 Global commentators in the Fedor vs Werdum Strikeforce show. The crap that comes out of the mouth of Finkelstein, Igor Petruhin and Rinat Layshev and their friends is unbelievable.

Propoganda message number 1: "Sambo is the best" - yeah they go on and on that Dana White nor any of the brazilian know what Sambo is. That Fedor can do anything he wants to a jiu jitsu fighter because he is the best in the world, no one can submit this guy, blah, blah blah. I think at some point even Fedor decided he could do his sambo tricks on Werdum.

Basically what happened was Fedor went in and forgot who he was dealing with. When he fought Nogueira he understood how dangerous Nogueira is from the guard. He was very cautious despite trying to GNP Nogueira.

This time however he tried to pass Werdum's guard with no respect for Fabricio's guard game and submission abilities. What happened, well, it turns out Sambo and Fedor are not invincible after all. I guess Fedor forgot the Arona fight and what happened there.

For some reason he decided he could do more than just land strikes from the guard. He tried to pass the guard and naturally Werdum landed a nice triangle choke. Vai Cavalo locked it in quick and real nice and once its locked, well, unless your name is Roger Gracie you are not getting out. That means even if your name is Fedor Emelianenko, you are still going to tap. That is what happened.

After that basically the guys commenting the Russian side of the show started to feel embaraced, embaraced that Fedor lost, embaraced by how little chance they gave Werdum and tried to explain that this was like an accident etc etc

The thing is though, these guys give so little respect to guys like Fabricio Werdum, who is just as much of a star in jiu jitsu as Fedor is in Sambo. Fabricio shook Fedor's hand and spoke about how much respect he has for Fedor.

The M1 team however do exactly the opposite. All they talk about is Fedor, Fedor, Fedor. That is a genius, a professor, the best fighter in the world, unbeatable and on and on and on. Not only do they not show any of the other fights in Russia but they don't even talk about Fabricio Werdum when he enters the arena.

I'm not even sure whether they actually know anything about Werdum. All they seemed to talk about when Werdum was entering the arena was that how little cheering there was.

Fedor, I think the guy is great but with all this crap around him and some of the crap that he believes in, he is wrong about some things. He got arrogant I think in this fight and gave too little respect for Werdum.

At the same time the problem is that these guys believe that Sambo gives you all the ground game that you need. BJJ on the ground is superior however and this has been proven. When did we ever see someone good from Sambo win the ADCC. Sambo is great for throws, but on the ground, it is simply not a complete art.

Now I am not saying Fedor can't win fights without jiu jitsu, but what I am saying is that if Fedor was as wise as his people say, he would train in proper facilities where he would benefit from being exposed to elite BJJ guys, elite Wrestlers etc. You can't just sit there in Stary Oskol and practice Sambo and Boxing all day long thinking this is all I have to know.

Guys from Greg Jackson's gym and many other top gyms in the US these days have a much better training programme then what Fedor could have.

Honestly how can one train for an ADCC champion without at least a BJJ specialist as a training partner. He should have gone to Roger Gracie's academy in London and practiced. He has no one to test him back in Stariy Oskol. I just hope Fedor steps down from whatever throne Finkelstein put him on and starts thinking about how to get better.

Of course he should listen to his coaches, but shit, they should have told him this ten years ago. They have the money, just not the will. They paid for it this time.

3 комментария:

  1. hello man!
    i think you are a bit too hard with M-1 (but since you are russian, you ll know more than i do)
    but i do Agree.
    Fedor understimated Werdum, the world has forgotten how lethal BJJ is.
    This was a wake up call few will forget.
    Fedor need some pro bjj sparring to catch up.

    manolo (www.grappling-italia.com)

  2. Thanks for the comment!
    Fedor really needs to step up and train properly. This loss I think opened his eyes a lot. He needs proper facilities and good training partners just like anyone else. Look at how GSP, Silva, Lesnar and all the other top guys train. Lesnar has huge guys to train for Carwin, Silva has great wrestlers and jiu jitsu players to prepare him for Sonnen and guys like Demian Maia, GSP has a great camp at Greg Jackson's gym.

    Then you look at Fedor. He trains in this kindergarden centre with out of date facilities and no good training partners especially for his grappling game. I heard he had his brother come over and some boxers and kick boxers at one point, but grappling is a whole different story. I don't think they have anyone there with great takedowns and submissions and for this reason I think it would have done so much good for him to just go and train somewhere where he can get exposure to guys like Cain Velasquez, Rashad Evans and top jiu jitsu players like Ronaldo Jacare. I think it would open his eyes a lot.

    Now they are talking about a rematch, Fedor wants to get into the cage as soon as possible, which I think is a mistake. Yes, Fedor will probably be cautious on the ground and will indeed probably win the fight against Werdum, but the probability of Fedor winning will probably be something like 80%.

    Werdum has lots of ways to submit Fedor. He is more technical on the ground than Nogueira. Nogueira is a great ground specialist, but from a pure BJJ side I disagree that he is the most dangerous ground guy that you can find in MMA. He is a very accomplished MMA fighter but in MMA there are guys like Werdum, Souza, Maia and by the way Jeff Monson (who always said he could submit Fedor) that are far superior technically.

    Anyway lets see what happens. A second loss to Werdum could spell retirement for Fedor I think. Fedor is now hungrier to fight then he has been in the last 3-4 years. He actually wants to be back in the cage this time. Its going to be interesting to see what happens next.

  3. The best thing about Fedor losing quickly I think that he can get back to fighting soon!