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среда, 9 июня 2010 г.

Draculino Demonstration

Draculino is an absolute legend in the BJJ World and one of the top names in Gracie Barra. His technique is flawless and learning from him is a real privlege for anyone.

Those of us that do not have the opportunity to train with him at Gracie Barra Texas can still enjoy his new instructional website or just take a look at some of the videos on youtube with him.

Here is one of the best technique demonstrations I was able to find on youtube. Draculino not only demontrates ground fighting techniques here but also shows the whole transition from standing to submission on the ground which I think is particularly valuable. The volume of techniques shown in this demo is also impressive.

I have to say I am doing well with the technique where you attempt the kimura from side control, trap the arm and then turn into taking the back. Draculio shows this technique in several of his videos and I have to say that this is a real high percentage move once you gain side control, so practice it and get better.

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  1. The video is excellent, one of the best Gracie Barra technique demonstrations on the Internet I think. I particularly enjoyed this magic grip from side control to taking the back transition. Gives a nice alternative if you can't get a kimura and want to try something else rather then just going for a simple north-south to back control transition which works great as well though.