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четверг, 6 мая 2010 г.

How Many Lessons a Week Does Your Academy Offer?

A real issue I think for many training a bit more seriously in BJJ is how many sessions per week does you academy offer. My BJJ academy for example only offers 3 lessons per week which for some may be fine but for many this may not be enough.

Unless you are studying at a really big jiu jitsu academy which has five or more sessions per week, you may want to or have to cross train.

Right now I am cross training in Judo (2 sessions per week) in addition to my jiu jitsu/grappling (3 sessions per week). Three sessions a week is kind of the minimum I think if you want to progress reasonably fast and therefore I think this is a real issue for some of us.

What worries me is in fact that too many academies now look to satisfy not high level jiu jitsu fighters but MMA fans. They add boxing and muay thai instead of adding more hours for BJJ guys devoted to instruction. Unfortunately this is an issue. Some of the guys could devote more time to BJJ but the academy does not offer this and private lessons may be expensive or not convenient. This is I think a problem bearing in mind.

Devoted BJJ guys that want to grow need long sessions, lots of technical practice and sparring and more hours on the mats. Academies cannot afford to instead opt to offer other martial arts just because its suits better the demand. My opinion

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  1. Анонимный1 июля 2010 г., 23:06

    For those of us who train a little bit more seriously, the major problem is that some academies seem to think that three bjj lessons a week is enough.

    I think the bare minimum that an academy that calls itself a jiu jitsu academy should be offering is at least five sessions a week. This is the only way for some of us to make progress fast and learn.

    Unfortunately some academies aren't really that motivated towards offering more lessons when they have just one plan/cost per month for everyone.

    My academy also has very limited ability to offer private lessons and at high cost. Coupled, these two issues make a not very good environment to train in.