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вторник, 13 апреля 2010 г.

My Top 10 To Beat Fedor in MMA

1. Brock Lesnar - the guy is too big and too fast. Lesnar will take Fedor down with ease and deliver damage that will be difficult to recover from. M1 are scared of this dude.

2. Shane Carwin - Fedor has fought none that have his style. Fedor fought Mark Coleman but I challenge anyone to say that Mark Coleman can be compared with Shane Carwin in anything other than wrestling abilities.

Carwin will push Fedor against the cage and knock him out within the first round. He is a walking nightmare for M1 Global

3. Junior Dos Santos. The heavyweight with nuclear charged hands that are faster than lightening. Junior Dos Santos is quick and is probably the best striker in the heavyweight division in the world. No one seems to be able to take this guy down.

4. Cain Velasquez. Cain is one of the most hungry MMA fighters of all time. He wants to take the guy down and beat him bad but also can stand and fight with anyone.

5. Lyota Machida - the guy has an awesome stand up. He has also fought at heavyweight and would no doubt give Fedor a lot of trouble.

6. Alistair Overeem. The guy fights weak fighters but is dangerous no doubt. Finkelstein is afraid of this steroid abuser. His face has more muscle than an average man has on his body.

7. Josh Barnett - tough, tough guy who has the tools to take on Fedor.

8. Frank Mir - arrogant but talented. On the ground, I would love to see this fight happen. Frank has little else going for him in the UFC. How about joining Strikeforce and testing himself against Fedor.

9. Roger Gracie - Roger is the greatest submission fighter and jiu jitsu player alive now. If Fedor had trouble against Arona, what would happen if he was to face the best ever.

10. Anderson Silva - he is tall. He cuts from 230. Time to see the idiot Spider face some real competition and make his legacy. I would love to see this fight.

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  1. Fedor gave up his back to Arona. Roger has a really dangerous guard, I think even more dangerous than Nogueira despite what people may say. I don't think Fedor will be able to do to Roger thesame as what he did to Nog. We will have to see. I can see Roger winning this by submission if he is able to avoid a stand and strike battle