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четверг, 15 апреля 2010 г.

BJJ Belts

For those that love jiu jitsu, belts are not so important I think. It takes time and hard work and eventually we may get there. Progress is the most important and if you are doing well on the mats, then you are getting better. If you are winning competitions in your category, this means you are training hard and are making progress. Belts themselves is just appreciation from your teacher I guess.

I like the statistic or guesstimate from the Draculino blog though:

"Of all the white belts that start 15-20% of those will make it to the blue belt.
Of that 15-20% that make it to blue, about 10% will stay until purple.
Those people that make it to purple, 15-20% will go on to brown.
If you make it brown most of those people reach the black belt."

So there you have it. If you take the lower figures, you get 15% x 10% x 15% = 0.2% make it to brown belt and probably black belt. So for every 1000 people that walk in to the gym and take some training, only 2 guys make it to brown or black belt. That just shows how much dedication is required.

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  1. Nice blog you've got here!! I've been following it for a while. I do judo myself, but have a blue belt in bjj as well. It's a nice sport.

    I have a photo blog, but I've put some posts there about judo and a project that the Norwegain Judo Federation runs in Afghanistan called Judo for fred (means Judo for peace in Norwegain). Take a look if you want:



    - Bigit

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  3. Thanks a lot Anders! I love judo myself even though there is not always time to do both.

    I watched the video, looks great. Judo is really for everyone, but its great to see so many children training especially in Afganistan.

  4. The other thing is that you should not rush to get a belt. Its better to be a good blue belt than be a purple belt that often loses to blue belts on the mats.

    If you are thinking of competing this is also an interesting point. Think of it this way. You want to prove yourself on the mats before you get the next belt. Test yourself in competition and prove that your technical level is higher.