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вторник, 5 мая 2009 г.

BJJ Comedy :)

Hey everyone! Found this comic strip on the internet and it just cracked me up:)

I actually had a similar situation when I first came to bjj after having done a year of judo. I was already ok in newaza and did some sambo-like grappling as well, so when I came to spar with some of the bjj guys, they were asking "is this your first time doing bjj" and I was answering "well, yes". After the fight when I submitted some of these white belts they realized that I was not really the beginner they thought they would be facing. This is great and I am sure this happens all the time in training when judo/sambo or wrestling guys come to bjj or vice versa.

Guys, we definitely need to find and make more of these comic strips from experience. There must be plenty more.

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