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среда, 15 октября 2014 г.

Moscow Russia BJJ Scene

Very exciting to see that the Russian BJJ scene and Moscow in particular is booming. IBJJF is organizing the first ever event in town which hopefully will be a great success and for sure a big step to making the sport more organized over here.

Most tournaments so far focused on BJJ have really lacked the organization structure as well as proper conditions to popularize the sport. Now it seems many Russia-based BJJ players have a great opportunity to compete at the famous CSK Arena in Moscow.

It seems Moscow has already around 5-6 clubs operating and teaching brazilian jiu jitsu and several more in St. Petersburg. With the number of competitors growing, hopefully in a couple of years we see more and more exciting fighters going on to the Europeans to compete with some of the best players from Brazil, USA and of course other European countries.

Some of the top BJJ clubs competing include Gracie Barra, Ribeiro International, Stone Fight and Strela Team.

Come and register for the IBJJF Moscow Open to be held on the 7th-8th of November 2014!


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