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понедельник, 1 октября 2012 г.

Deep Half Guard

Working on my deep half guard guys! Enjoying the detail with this position. Used to find it difficult to get under there but as time goes on its natural.

Ryan Hall in this video mentions one crucial aspect which is making sure your other hand does not get attacked on under hooked. When I am rolling, sometimes I forget to keep it tucked in and I risk getting caught in the arm bar.

I think deep half guard is one of those technical positions that allows you to fight a much bigger opponent and I find that this is one of the positions where it is almost impossible for my opponent to resist with just brutal strength alone.

Also take a look how he works to transition to the back. Very important detail because very often what happens is that your opponent gets back into traditional half guard or worse, nearly achieves mount and stars putting on the choke. Gotta be careful with this!

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