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среда, 18 июля 2012 г.

Half Guard

Working on my deep half guard at the moment. Very often it is hard to get the sweep from half guard when the guy on top defends heavily but allows me to get the arm under his leg for the deep half guard. So therefore I feel expanding my arsenal of half guard sweeps with a good deep half guard sweep that is simple enough and works on most guys is a great option for me to improve my game. So working hard on this at the moment.

There are so many complicated variations but Ive been looking for a simple technique that would work and avoid putting me in a dangerous position for counter attack. If the guy allows me to get the leg underhook, I feel I can move to attack from this position and then recover quite quickly without putting myself in danger too much.

In the one above, I just love the sweep he does at 3:47, check it out.

---wait-- also take a look at this one

I particularly like the deep half guard sweeps in this one, and when he gets the arm in for the omoplata transition. From the deep half guard the waiter sweep seems quite nice if you can make it work. very technical 

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