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воскресенье, 22 ноября 2009 г.

Where is Josh Barnett?

Josh Barnett has always been one of the best mma fighters in the world using his strong grappling abilities. After the scandal with Josh getting caught using anabolic steroids just before his Affliction fight with Fedor very little we have heard from the guy.

There was some mention of him returning to wrestling in Japan. There was some mention that maybe he could fight an MMA fight over there since there is less substances regulation over there. He also seems to have trained with Brett Rogers to prepare him for the Fedor fight he recently had for Strikeforce.

Where is he?

It looks like he is continuing to train and teach in California and took part in the 2009 California Classic BJJ Tournament 2009 where he lost by decision to Romulo Barral the BJJ World Champion and an ADCC veteran. The video I found on youtube you can see below:

Anyway Josh Barnett is a real beast and is a brutal mma warrior. check out this video with him manhandling Quinton Rampage Jackson in training.

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  1. Check out what Romulo Barral, World Middleweight champion has to say about Josh Barnett after the fight! http://www.graciemag.com/en/2009/11/barral-on-gi-battle-%E2%80%98josh-barnett-did-catch-me-but-i-didn%E2%80%99t-tap%E2%80%99/