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четверг, 9 апреля 2009 г.

Treating Cauliflower Ear

So how do you treat cauliflower ear? What needs to be done is you have to drain blood from the formed hematoma as soon as possible. Any infection must be prevented and therefore you should definitely go to the doctor for this. (you need a syringe if you really want to do it yourself and you may not be able to prevent infection so better go to the doctor) It is also not that easy to do this yourself due to the angle, visibility etc.

Draining the hematoma will re-establish the connection of the skin to the underlying cartilage and hopefully allow the ear to heal and look normal again.

The draining normally involves an incision in the ear and a syringe (in my experience) is used to suck the blood out. If there is no blood to drain then it is likely too long has passed or no hematoma has formed and therefore the ear should really heal by itself.

It is definitely worth wearing an earguard right after you have done this. What may happen if you dont wear the earguard is that the area where the hematoma formed may get filled with blood again in which case the blood has to be drained once again. In practice in judo or bjj this may happen especially if you are sparring with someone and he gets you in kesa gatame or headlock.

Now the other method I've seen instead of using an earguard is tape. Tape is tied right around the head to secure the injured ear. In Russia I've seen this done a few times but it seems to me as an ineffective (and cheaper) way to deal with the problem. You will still get contact with the injured ear after all during training.

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